The wait is over…Tristel ULT is approved by the FDA!

We are pleased to announce the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of our unique and market-leading high level disinfectant for ultrasound probes.

Tristel ULT is a high level disinfectant foam for endocavity transvaginal and transrectal probes, and skin surface transducers that may contact non-intact skin during use.

With a disinfection contact time of 2 minutes, Tristel ULT is the fastest FDA-approved HLD!

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Unique chlorine dioxide foam offers fast, efficient, and economical disinfection for ultrasound transducers.

Parker Laboratories Inc. has entered a commercial partnership with UK-based infection prevention company Tristel to manufacture and distribute the company’s disinfectant foams for U.S. markets. Under the exclusive agreement, Parker will manufacture and distribute Tristel DUO, a disinfecting foam approved for the cleaning and disinfection of general medical surfaces – including ultrasound transducers.